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Michael Ray Photography

Photo by Denali Lynn Photography 

HELLO THERE!!! My name is Michael. Im a photographer based in Wasilla Alaska. Iv'e lived here in Alaska for most of my life. Iv'e seen a lot of beauty that this incredible state has to offer. Not just the epic scenery and amazing wildlife, but the people. I've Been fortunate to learn from and work with some amazing individuals that have helped shape this amazing state over time and helped me grow with it.

I love creating experiences that my clients will remember for themselves and for their loved ones. I capture my clients in the outdoors and at times in a studio environment or indoor setting to meet the needs of any client. It'scrazy, it's creative and most of all, IT"S FUN! My Journey Continues and i'd love for you to be a part of it.

Join me in bringing your vision to life. 

Let's Create Magic!