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WELL HELLO!!! My name is Michael. Welcome to my site where I showcase work with amazing people and on amazing pojects on amazing locations! Follow and JOIN me on an adventure!


I travel to locations and clients to capture anyones needs. I bring the Studio to them, to you. I started my journey into photography in Seward Alaska, capturing the beauty that Seward had to offer. From scenery and landscapes to the wildlife and structures that all mesh together to make Seward, well... Seward! 

I realized that as much as I love landscapes and objects, I enjoyed capturing people more than anything. My goal is to capture people inside of landscapes and using objects as props, even incorporating themes to enhance the experience of capturing and viewing. 

It's a wonderful feeling to capture something with people, showing art through photography using people and nature together.



If you're not willing to brave the elements to get the shot for you or your client, go home.

-My Philosophy-

I'm available to meet your needs upon contact and consultation via phone or in person. I will travel to meet your needs and will do everything possible to capture the the best work for you. 

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Are you ready to have an adventure?!

Please contact me for a fun filled experience capturing your memories!

For all bookings contact me at michaelray@michaelrayphotography.com

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